Aynalıkavak Music Museum

The idea of establishing a music museum in the Aynalıkavak Pavilion was first initiated by Gevheri Osmanoğlu, one of the grandchildren of Sultan Abdülhamit II. In 1984, Osmanoğlu and his heirs donated their extensive collection of musical instruments, sheet music, and gramophone records to be exhibited at the Aynalıkavak Pavilion, notable for being the living quarters of Sultan Selim III, who was also a composer and had made infinite contributions to music. Thus attempts to transform the pavilion into a music museum began.

Following the archive of Gevheri Osmanloğlu, other collectors and instrumentalists donated many instruments to the museum. In addition, instruments belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Collection were also included in the Aynalıkavak Pavilion Collection. The museum's collection includes a total of 65 instruments, over 200 gramaphone records, numerous sheet music and printed works.