The Directorate

Directorate of National Palaces

Operating under the Presidency of the Republic, the Directorate of National Palaces is responsible for the administration, maintenance, repair, restoration and operation of palaces, mansions, pavilions, museums, and historical factories in accordance with international museology and conservation standards. The National Palaces, whose foundation dates back to the early years of the Republic, include three palaces, three mansions, five pavilions, three museums and two factories. The main function of the Directorate of National Palaces is to ensure that all these buildings and objects are preserved, restored and loyal to their cultural and historical backgrounds, enable visits by local and foreign visitors as valuable elements of our national culture in a contemporary museological approach. In the palaces, mansions, pavilions, and factories where meticulous environmental arrangements are made, sightseeing and resting services are provided with cafeterias and souvenir shops, as well as cultural activities such as exhibitions, symposiums, conferences, panels, and concerts are organized. On the other hand, these structures and their architectural features, along with their ornaments, furnishing elements and historical objects, are documented by experts in the light of contemporary methods; as the restorations and conservations are carried out by experienced and trained craftsmen in the workshops of the institution. The results of the research studies are announced to national and foreign researchers and visitors through scientific publications such as magazines, books and catalogs prepared by the Directorate of National Palaces.


The mission of the Directorate is to preserve the historical and cultural artifacts under its preservation and to pass them on to the next generations in finest conditions.


In addition to preserving the historical relics that it is obliged to protect, the vision of the Directorate is to keep the places and artifacts under its protection open, with the awareness that these artifacts are a part of the cultural heritage of the world, to all local and foreign visitors. At the same time, the Directorate of National Palaces aims at the recognition of this historical heritage on a world scale.