SULTAN SELİM III. (1789-1807)

Sultan III. Selim (1789-1807)

Sultan Selim III. Was born in 24 December 1761 in Istanbul. His father was Sultan Mustafa III and his mother was Sultan Mihrişah. When his father was died he was sttil a child of 13 years old and his uncle Abdülhamid I. ascended the throne. Since his childhood he received a severe education. During the years where he was yet a prince he was interested in poetry and music. It is knon that he was corresponding with the French king Louis XVI: In the year of French revoulution, in 7 April 1789 he ascended the throne. Sultan Selim III. grew up with the atmosphere of his birth. He received a good eductaion in the palace. Sultan Mustafa III. wished for his child to ascend the throne after him. But after his father his uncle Sultan Abdülhamid become emperor. Sultan Abdülhamid I. though caring for his education surveilled him closely. So after the death of his uncle Sultan Abdülhamid I. in 7 April 1789 when he was 28 years old Osman ascended the throne. Sultan Selim III. was keen to litterature and to hand writing. Some of the caligraphy and framed inscriptions are hung to the mosques and the tombs. He spoke very well Arabic and Persian. Being very compassionate Sultan Selim III. was very keen of his religion, his country and his nation. He was well educated. He was a good poet, he was tambur and ney player and he was a professional singer of Turkish classical music. Being also a composer Sultan Selim III. was f fine arts, open minded but he had a mild character as to the degree of weakness. He wished for the establishment of western tendancy in Ootoman Empire. When Sultan Selim III. ascended the throne people oput much hope into him. People thought that under this young emperor Ottoman Empire would be back to its powerful and splendid periods. Sultan Selim III. after quiting the throne to Prince Mustafa in 29 May 1807, lived 1 more year and 2 months. During Alemdar Mustafa Paşa incident , he was killed by the supporters of the new emperor in 28 July 1808. He was buried in the courtyard of Laleli Mosque, next to his father Sultan Mustafa III.

Eminent People Who Lived In The Palaces
SULTAN SELİM III. (1789-1807)
SULTAN MURAD V. (1876-1876)
Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK (1881-1938)
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